Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last week,I came back to my hometown'Ehime'.Satuaday,I joined my cousin's wedding.It was very beautiful.I want to like this wedding!!

November 9th.
This day was my birthday. I was received many e-mail by my friends,a relative and
family.Tonight, my boyfriend came to my home and selebrated!! I was very very happy.

Last week,I went to Disney Land with my boyfriend.
I went for the first time . There were very many people in there.
But we rade kind of atractions,it's very nice day!!
I went to go again!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Norvember 11,Friday
I went to Kansai University Festival with my boyfriend.
It's rain.We ate Negiyaki,Frankfurt,Soup etc...
I happened to meet my friend and club's junior.
We enjoyed Festival!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I like a heavenly body.
Astronomy is a mystery phenomenon.
For example, a flow star is happened by it die.
But I don't know about astronomy in detail.


Next Sunday, drink festival will be held .
And I am a reader.
So,this event is of great significance for us.
I am very hard to prepare it.


My friend was studying abroad last year.
And she can speak English very well.
I was affect by her.
I want to go abroad to study English,too.

I ofen use Faucet.Example,when I wash the dish,I turn on the faucetand and water.
Life without a faucet is not thought about.

○Turn down○
Il like listen to music.
I ofen listen to music with MD player.
Oneday,I was said to my sister "Noisy!!".
I turn down the volume of MD player.

He is a very rich and kind man.
So,I nag him to buy a car.
But he ignore me.

This Monday, I went to Esaka tennis court to play the tennis game.
The game was mix.
My partner is Mr.Uga .
First round, we won!!
This opponents were 'Ritumei Toriton's members'.
Second round,because of heavy rain, it was postponed.
The postponement day is this Friday = October the 27th.
Or, I can not present this john's lesson.
Sorry...but,my partner wait me.
I want to do my best this game!!

I had a Takoyaki party with my boyfriend and two friend.
I went to super market, and buy ingredient. We baked a lot of takoyaki.
We put sausage,cheese,kimuchi,octopus and leek into takoyaki. We had a hot time!!

Her name is Tomas. She was born to Hyogo.But,she lives in Osaka now.She like waching baseball game.She belong to Kansai University rubber baseball club manager.

Her name is Natto. She was born in Ehime.
She likes playing tennis and joins tennis circle.
Her personality is very shy, but sociable.
She likes natto very much!!